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ET for your PET!

We are professional and experienced Dog Walkers, who pride ourselves in offering safe and fun adventures for your beloved pooch!  

We operate in Leyland and surrounding areas. 

For new clients we ask to arrange a free initial meeting and walk. 

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Covid 19 Procedure

Initial Meetings:

We ask that for our first initial meeting we meet in an outdoor, open space. Local park is preferred.

Face coverings will be worn and social distance maintained.

In the House:

Disposable gloves will be used and changed when entering each household.

Hands will be washed on entering and leaving.

Time spent in home will be minimised.

In the Car:

Dogs will always be kept separate and secure.

Car will be disinfected and sanitised after each dog.

On the Walk:

Walkers will use their own leads to avoid handling owners.

On return home, dogs will be wiped down with pet safe wipes.

Collars&Harness will also be sanitised.

Owner’s Preference:

Only dogs from the same household will be walked together.

Dogs will be kept on lead to minimise contact.

For any further info, please call 07541628980 or email [email protected]